Students impress Hawthorne, reflect on experience

Aug. 3, after a lecture on profound writing, Hawthorne assigned his students their final project that incorporated all the skills he has taught his students over the past few days.

“I think this last assignment will be very interesting to see how they put it together,” said Hawthorne. “They’ve come a long way.”

The final assignment is a personal essay that must say something profound about the author. It must also fall under the categories of confronting “lies, sissies, fiascos, or brutal honesty,” according to Hawthorne.

Cody Worden from Mason High School reflected over the past week and said taking Hawthorne’s class has had an impact on his writing skills.

“I thought I was a good writer, but I’m not as good as I thought I was,” said Worden. “It’s one of those classes that makes you strive to become better.”

Worden then turned to Hawthorne to thank him personally for “becoming a better writer,” only to receive a “Wait, what’s your name?” in return in the true jokester manner of Hawthorne.

Cody Worden thanks instructor Bobby Hawthorne for all help Hawthorne provided. Hawthorne attempted to cut the heart-felt moment with a light-hearted joke. By Taylor Hale / Upstart Staff

Despite recurring printer issues, Hawthorne said it’s safe to call this yet another successful year.

“Everyone likes to dump on kids these days and say how dumb, lazy or apathetic they are…it might be true for some kids, but not the ones I work with,” he said.

Worden, along with many others in his class, said they were glad they decided to take “The Bobby Hawthorne Experience.”

“It truly is an experience,” said Worden. “Thank you for helping me, Bobby.” By Taylor Hale / Upstart Staff

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