Students in ‘You’re Designing the Newspaper’ wrap up final designs

Students who took “You’re Designing the Newspaper” throughout the course of the week are completing their final projects to be shared and discussed for Aug. 4. Instructor Jim McGonnell went to a store to purchase flash drives in the early afternoon so that students could transfer their designs onto an external drive in the future.

“Today is great. It’s the best day I’ve had,” McGonnell said with a touch of sarcasm. When purchasing the flash drives, McGonnell said he had trouble with the store’s management. The students, when he returned, gave McGonnell a hard time and he likewise teased them.

“This class is good,” said McGonnell. “Some of the things they are creating are awesome and I can’t wait to see them.”

Ashley Dubois, a senior and editor of design at the Andover Shield at Andover High School, said she felt she learned a lot that will help her design the paper.

Ashely Dubois finishes up her InDesign projects. The students put together a portfolio of InDesign documents. Photos by Tommy Behan / Upstart Staff

“I’ve learned many design techniques,” she said. “The videos help me learn what is in style with newspapers and magazines. Redesigning pages without copying is helpful generating design ideas.”

Another student, Hinnah Rajput of Pioneer High School, said she enjoyed the fun atmosphere while also getting a lot out of the class.  As a junior and news editor of the Pioneer Optimists, design is pertinent to her in the coming year.

“We found interesting ways to layout the paper and plan ahead,” Rajput said. “I’ve learned about the importance of font, leading and the ‘difference of two.’ I now notice these things.”

“Also it takes upwards of 25 minutes for the printer to print,” she added. “We have a little party every time. Last time we figured out a song while it was printing. It was fun.”  By Tommy Behan / Upstart Staff

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