Students interview country star


      Rachel Farley Interview


The Entertainment Coverage class had the chance of visiting Impact 89FM radio station on the Michigan State campus. Impact is located in Holden Hall and is student run. The station plays indie rock and alternative music.

The students were sent to the student radio station to learn about phone interviewing. This hands on session was led by a radio DJ Jamie Flanagan from 96.3 WDVD Detroit. And one by one, everyone took turns asking Rachel Farley questions. Farley is a young, country music singer from Nashville, Tennessee. At only 18, Broken Bow Records released her debut single titled “Ain’t Easy”.

The class enjoyed the trip to the student station and learned something.

Student Sara Pristavu says she learned to ask open ended questions. She also says that she’s done phone interviews before. “I was expecting a louder speaker [at the radio station]” Pristavu adds.

After the 20 minute phone interview with Farley concluded, the Entertainment Coverage class took photos with the 96.3 DJ in the studio in front of the Impact radio sign. They also toured the entire radio station and learned how the station operates.


Photos and audio editing by Haley Kluge

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