Students prepare for County Fair

Each morning at 8:15, the students in Brian Roberts’ From Covering to Publishing photography class gather in the East Shaw main lobby to wait for the bus to go to Lansing Community College (LCC). LCC is approximately five miles from Shaw Hall in which campers are staying, and about a 15-minute bus drive.  Since this class isn’t on Michigan State’s campus and due to the distance, the students are all given a sack lunch.

Cold Pepsi: Photographer Sam Mesgrove snapped a picture of a cold Pepsi.

Cold Pepsi: Photographer Sam Mesgrove snapped a picture of a cold Pepsi.

Also, instead of returning to the campus after morning session, these photographers return at 4 p.m., just in time for the MIPA Cup Tournament and other recreational activities.

Sam Mesgrove, a student in the class, said, “(Our class) walked around Lansing and took photos.” Most of those photos, according to Mesgrove, were environmental shots.

On Tuesday, each student from Covering to Publishing class will choose his own theme and start a project as a final assignment.
Today’s assignment for the photographers will be to snap shots at the county fair.


Click here to see them in action at the fair.

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