Students tour MSU athletic facilities

Members of the MIPA Broadcasting Bootcamp class had an opportunity to look into the production aspects of various roles throughout the Breslin Center and  Spartan Stadium on Aug. 1.

Lillian Sullivan, a senior at Bloomfield High School, said she enjoyed seeing the views from the top of Spartan Stadium, as well as the glistening hardwood floor contained within the Breslin.

“I love broadcasting and being in front of the camera and seeing all of these operations and beauty that is located throughout this campus just made me love this school so much more,” Sullivan said.

Nick Baker, the director of digital production at MSU, allowed Sullivan and her classmates a court-view tour of the Breslin, as well as an exclusive look into the control room contained within the Breslin that is used to operate all sorts of video  and audio operations on game day. This control room is not only used for football production. The game day operations of the basketball, hockey and baseball teams are also performed from this control room.

Baker said the Breslin Control room contains over $1 million in equipment, which made having two or three other control facilities like it throughout campus not financially feasible.

Baker described how the university maintains an archived film record of every sports game dating back to the 1940s. Students were then allowed to see this extensive archived collection of Michigan State athletic tapes. Baker said he enjoys seeing the passion and enthusiasm that is present within the MIPA campers.

After the tour, the students headed back to the Communication Arts and Sciences Building to film a newscast that is scheduled to air on the Aug. 2 morning announcements.

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Gena Harris says:
Aug 02, 2017

Hi my name is Gena and I am from the opinion coverage class I just want to start off that I am so jealous that you had the chance to go behind the scenes of the sports side of coverage. That is a great opportunity. I like how your piece is straight to the point and concise, overall nice work 😉

Victoria says:
Aug 02, 2017

Hi I’m Victoria from the Opinion class. This is a really neat article. You had the perfect amount of info and you did a good job keeping it concise. The pictures totally made the story! They were awesome and made me want to go there. Nice work!

Niyati says:
Aug 02, 2017

Hey this is Niyati from the opinion coverage class. I thought it was so cool that you guys got to go inside of the Michigan State sport facilities. I also love how your article was short and sweet. You also grabbed by eye by all the pictures.

Audrey says:
Aug 02, 2017

Hi, it’s Audrey from opinion coverage! I liked how your article quickly got t the point without beating around the bush at all. The amount of pictures also added a good visual aspect to complement your article. Good work!

Samantha Burtch says:
Aug 02, 2017

Hi, I’m Samantha and I’m from the opinion coverage class. This article is super interesting and totally made me want to visit there sometime. Your pictures helped me visually see how inspiring this place is too young writers and athletes. This seemed like a great opportunity and it made me really want to be there. Great job!

Katherine Gurgenian says:
Aug 02, 2017

I’m Katherine Gurgenian of Huron High School and I take the Opinion Coverage class.
I really like how you wrote this piece! It’s short, sweet, and concise. However, I noticed just a couple AP style and spelling issues. For example, in paragraph 3, you said, “ninteen forties!” It should be, “1940s.” I suggest you you look over your piece a couple of times and possibly have a peer review it before publishing.
Overall, it’s very informative and easy to understand.
Great Job!

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