Summer campers dye t-shirts

Before their hands were stained with ink from newspapers, 400 MIPA campers soaked their hands with Rit dye as they invaded the lawn of Shaw Hall.

Traditionally, campers received a complementary MIPA t-shirt after registering for camp. But this year, camp director Chad Sanders wanted to begin the creative process early on with the students tie dying their own shirts.

“We just wanted to do something really cool and fun and different,” Sanders said. “It started off as a 60’s kind of theme, but themes change and designs changed and it just turned into this awesome activity.”

Despite being postponed by the rain, the tie dying still occurred Monday afternoon and continued with the creative theme of the week.

“It gives people a chance to make their own design and take their own spin on the shirts,” East Grand Rapid’s Evan Vacchiano said. “Everyone can be creative and do their own thing.”

Haley Kluge/Photos

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