The Yearbook Editors in Chief class discusses themes, leadership

Theme development was the focus of early sessions in the Yearbook Editors in Chief class.

Instructor Brian Wilson said, “I think that theme is a good way to tie together where the staff is going. We want to focus on determining what the feel of the book and look of the book will be. I want them to be able to carry their theme throughout the book.”

As the focus is on themes, students in the class discuss their own ideas among their peers and Wilson in hopes of finding their books specific theme.

Sydney Brzezinski from Oxford high school said, “So far we learned how to take our theme and continue it throughout the book. It is a lot of tearing the theme down before building it back up again.”

With themes beginning his class agenda, Wilson said he also wants to teach students valuable lessons that they can take home to their staffs.

“I really want to make sure the students are going to have success as editors in chief,” Wilson said. “I want them to have a theme package that they can take back to their staffs and learn how to be comfortable in a leadership position. My job for the rest of the day is to not get them thinking about how to get their own work done, but how to make sure other students can do the work that needs to be done.”

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