What to look forward to in the daily announcements

The students of the class, SYOC, (Smile, You’re On Camera), will tell you that the daily announcement show hasn’t exactly been up to par for the first couple of days here at camp. Student, Chloe Kosinski, producer and anchor of the Edge at Lapeer Ed Tech, intends to make sure that the show improves (she’ll be anchoring on tomorrow’s show).

“If you saw Monday’s show then you know how bad it was, today’s show was much better. Now you can look forward to not only new anchors, but more funny endings on the show, like we’ve been doing, and maybe even music in the beginning if we have time.” Kosinski said. “We have a really strict deadline of nine o’clock, which means we have to get up early, usually around 6:30.”

Class instructor, Randy Scott, intends on having his students present even better work in the days to come. Randy hopes his students will not only have a better work ethic, but also produce full-blown news packages by the end of the week.

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