Where to order food from while at MIPA

Some of the best food East Lansing has to offer can be found on Grand River Ave. north of campus. It’s the best place to get something to eat, but unless you’re looking to get some exercise, the 25 minute walk from Holden Hall can be daunting. Instead of walking to Grand River, try food from one of the restaurants that will deliver right to your dorm. But remember to order food by 9 p.m. so you can ensure if will arrive before you have to be on your floor.

Gumby’s Pizza
Have a craving for pizza? You could order from Hungry Howie’s or Domino’s, but why not try Gumby’s, a local favorite. They have great pizza and wings, but if you only order one thing, you have to try their Pokey Stix, a staple of Michigan State college students. The cheesy breadsticks come in all sizes, and you can order online or give them a call.

Phone number: (517) 351-8400
Online Menu

Rice Kitchen
Rice Kitchen has a huge menu with any kind of Chinese food you can imagine. Whether you want to order sesame chicken, beef lo mein, or just want some egg drop soup, Rice Kitchen has it and will deliver.

Phone number: (517) 336-5810
Online Menu

Insomnia Cookies
Have a sweet tooth? Insomnia Cookies delivers to those with a craving for sugar at all hours of the night. Of course, you have to be on your floor long before they close, but they can bring a wide variety of fresh cookies right to your dorm. They’re perfect for sharing with your roommate or new friends you’ve made in class.

Phone number: (877)-63-COOKIE
Online Menu

Senor Georgios
There are plenty of Mexican food offerings on Grand River, but only one will deliver. Senor Georgios was recently opened by the same people who run Georgios on Charles St., which is a pizza place. Senor Georgios has quesadillas, burritos, tacos and nachos, as well as specials like a gyro burrito or a meat lovers fiesta burrito.

Phone number: (517) 336-5555
Menu: No online menu yet, give them a call to find out what they have.

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