Writing & Packaging students learn the basics of journalism

This week in the MIPA Writing & Packaging class, students ranging from from ages 11 to 17 are working with one another to learn the basics of journalism.

Writing & Packaging students

Despite being the youngest in her class, Bailey Moore from Virgina said she believes nothing will stop her from learning.

“I know that I can do just as well as everyone who is older than me,” Moore said. “I want to learn more writing styles.”

According to instructor Cammie Hall, the course focuses on the basics of journalism and houses many students with little-to-no journalistic experience. Hall said she sees this as one of the greatest aspects of the class.

“Every year, I look at my class list and see all different ages, but once they get into the classroom it doesn’t matter because they are all in the same spot in experience,” Hall said. “We are all working on this together.”

Hall said she hopes the class will inspire the students as they head home.

“My goal is to have everyone leave with confidence in their skills and (be) able to apply it to their programs back home,” Hall said.

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