Yearbook editors practice team-building activities

Yearbook editors in chief learned a few techniques for the team building aspects of their staff on Aug. 2 with instructor Brian Wilson.

“I believe strongly that team building is really important for an editor’s job,” Wilson said, “so I try to give examples of types of team-building games they can do with their staff. The one we played today is ‘pressure cubes,’ and the idea is to get people into a situation where they’re relying on other people in a group setting.”

Pressure cubes is a game in which four people stand in a square with their arms up straight. They compete against other “cube teams,” and when one team member puts down his arms, the team is out.

“I got sore arms but it really does make you realize how much you rely on the team as a whole,” Erin Mitrzyk from Gull Lake High School said. “(You realize) the downfall of everyone if one person gives up.”

Although it is a game, the activities have a deeper meaning, according to Wilson. The true importance comes in what the editors take away from the exercise.

“It’s good to show how every staff member plays an important role in everything you do,” Elle Presley from Dexter High School said. “It shows how important it is to think of it as a team.” By Katie Ziraldo / Upstart Staff

Elle Presley from Dexter High School plays the pressure cube team building exercise in her MIPA 2011 class "Yearbook Editors-in-Chief," taught by Brian Wilson.

Yearbook editors-in-chief Sammy Bordener from Lahser High School, David Adams from Lahser High School, Susan McManus from Forest Hills High School and teacher Brian Wilson play the pressure cube team building game at the 2011 Michigan Interscholastic Press Association's Summer Workshop, held at Michigan State University.

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