Yearbook InDesign class gets back to basics

The InDesign for Yearbook class prepares to advance their skills by first reviewing the basics.

Instructor Lydia Cadena prepares her class of 14 girls to hone and advance their InDesign skills by first making sure everyone is up to speed with the software. Cadena’s first day of instruction consists of basic and thorough understanding of the layout of InDesign’s settings and tools.

Students in the class vary in range of experience from little or none, all the way to veterans of the design world.
Cadena’s course consists of instructional times that allow each student to follow along at their own computer.

Several students like this classroom setup for it is easy to follow format and allows for constant hands-on participation.
Monday’s course also allows for “Quick Challenges” that puts the students skills to the test. The challenges require the designers to utilize the skills and methods they just learned and create a fundamental design as quickly and precisely as possible.

Along with the hands-on instruction and skill challenges, Cadena shows good and bad examples of designs and graphics, along with presentations on design categories and styles.

At the conclusion of the first full day, InDesign for Yearbook students will have re-mastered their design skills and poured a foundation to begin absorbing new design elements.

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