Yearbook section editors class begin spreadsheets

On their second day at MIPA, the Yearbook Section Editors class began working on the first out of three spreadsheets they were assigned. Teacher Pam Bunka assigned each student to find a theme and graphic inspiration that they would base their designs off of. The graphic inspiration’s elements should also be incorporated in their designs. Using InDesign, each section editor began to create a layout of a page that they would be able to apply at their high schools.

During the morning session Bunka taught the students about the basic rules of designing a page, such as photo placement and eye level techniques. To optimize supervision and instruction a few of the yearbook classrooms are regrouping and separating into different classrooms based on the students’ high school for the evening session. During the evening session, the section editors as well as other yearbook students are to continue developing their spreadsheets in hopes of creating an easy-on-the-eye page that is applicable to their high school, responsive, and purposeful.

“My co-editor is in a different class, and we are hoping that by taking these design classes we can collaborate to design our yearbook,” soon to be senior Cassady Collins said.


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