Yearbook students focus on theme, design on first day

Yearbook editors in chief learn theme, leadership
Focusing mainly on theme and design, yearbook staffs are already developing their yearbooks for this year, said Brian Wilson, Yearbook Editors in Chief class instructor.

“(The class involves) all collaborating on our methods then actually bringing back our ideas into school,” Lauren Harrington, an editor in chief from Novi High School, said.

All yearbook students met en masse on July 29 and discussed yearbook themes the following morning, Wilson said, adding that a yearbook’s theme is meant to represent the attitude or spirit of the school.

Wilson’s said his class focuses mainly on the leadership aspect of the yearbook, along with the general design, interviews and themes. Each night, the group will meet with its own staff to continue working on their overall yearbook plan.

“Tonight we’ll be in the labs we’ll be working on theme packages,” Wilson said, “so these guys will be running the show, working with their own staff.”

Section editors learn ins and outs of yearbook
On July 30, Section Editors teacher Sandra Strall emphasized the need to discuss theme, saying “everyone needs to understand that part.”

The Section Editors and Complete Yearbook classes continued to work together this morning, as both classes were learning the design and layout aspects from Strall.

Other than theme, Strall’s class will also focus on yearbook design, she said. The class will be starting on pen and pencil, then moving to computer design later.

“If you can’t design on paper, you can’t design on a computer,” Strall said.

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