‘You’re Designing the Newspaper’ teaches design skills fast

Students in the MIPA design class, “You’re Designing the Newspaper,” learned skills necessary to create sophisticated layouts and designs at a fast pace. Adviser Jim McGonnell combined traditional methods of teaching, including lecturing and PowerPoints, with interactive sessions, where students designed pages themselves.

“I showed a PowerPoint of top designs and creative ideas to give students design ideas,” McGonnell said. “We’re working on nameplates and the logos of each student’s publication. Later they will be duplicating designs in magazines and redesigning a page they were unhappy with.”

Lakota East High School Student Ian Castro said he has already made progress with his design prowess. While he designed the logo of his paper, Spark, and worked on the TV inspired “Terra Nova” nameplate, Castro stressed the importance of keeping pica spacing and never putting headline over pictures.

Ian Castro works on his nameplate while using the powerpoint as a useful tool. Adviser Jim McGonnell teaches the class in three sessions per day.

“I’m learning a fair amount,” Castro said. “I like how it balances PowerPoints and hands-on materials.”

Connor Thompson, a Dexter High School senior and editor in chief of The Squall, said how he was already able to utilize the class to improve his design skills.

“(This class) really has refined my knowledge of what is good and bad about designing pages,” Thompson said. ” I would like to learn how to apply what I have learned so far to be able to use technology better.” By Tommy Behan / Upstart Staff

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