Anne Matecun wants to buy experiences, not things

By Felicie Jones, Loy Norrix High School

Sophomore Anne Matecun hurries into the classroom of student journalists wearing shorts and a white tank top, sweating and breathing hard. After walking in the 80 plus degree heat for seven minutes, she manages to crack a smile and dive straight into taking notes on an ongoing presentation.

“The key is to be content with yourself, but still want to your limits and try new things and see the world,” Matecun said.

Matecun found out for herself how much happiness means to her as she progressed through school and her outlook impacts her approach to school as she heads into the 10th grade at Hudson High School in Ohio.

Matecun talks about how her teachers impacted her.

“Every teacher, each year has taught me a lesson in life,” Matecun said. “I had an honors biology teacher who didn’t really care about his job, he was waiting for retirement, but in general I learned the most about myself because it taught me how trying hard doesn’t always give me good grades.”

Other than her teachers giving her lessons, her parents ingrained values in Matecun that she will live by.

Matecun describes how saved money is used in her family.

“My parents really stress to save money to visit places in the world not to buy things,” Matecun said. “It’s easy to get caught up in the small world you’re in, so when you visit places your view is expanded and your small world isn’t small anymore.”

The value of creating memories by travelling started with an infant Matecun who had to travel from China to meet her new family who adopted her to live in the U.S. They travelled to places such as Italy, Mexico and Europe twice and could afford to do so because they put aside buying many new things to save up for something priceless.

“Things don’t teach you adventures,” Matecun said. “I learned things and have memories of the places.”

She has a strong bond with family and puts family at the top for most important to have.

“Keep root in family,” Matecun said. “So many things change like friends, but a stable family is something

good to have, “ Matecun said. “Sometimes your friends won’t like you but your family will always love the real you.”

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