Bo Brueck’s energy is contagious

By Caden Koenig, Dexter High School

Bo Brueck, a junior at H.H. Dow High School, has energy that’s contagious.

“My biggest pet peeve is self consciousness,” Brueck said. “I want people to be themselves and comfortable in their own skin.”

Brueck’s positive attitude can be traced to his childhood.

“I had and still have a great relationship with my parents,” Brueck said. “They’re always there for me and they never stop trying to make me smile. For example, on my fourth birthday, my dad and grandpa dressed up as pirates and fought each other with swords.”

This may be where Brueck’s positive attitude is rooted, in his family and friends.

“Everything is easier with family” Brueck said. “Your friends and family are always there for you no matter what.”

Although it was rough at first with the constant changing of location it was hard for Bo to find friends, but anyone near him is clearly impacted by his presence.

“Moving to Germany worried me at first because I wasn’t sure I would fit in” Brueck said. “Lacrosse was a good way for me to meet new friends because it was one of the only things that I had in common with them, initially.”

Now that he has moved back to Midland, Brueck balances: lacrosse, friends, skateboarding, and maintaining a 4.0.

“I would like to go to Michigan,” Brueck said. “It’s a high standard that I hold myself to.”

This high standard is very apparent in Brueck’s goals as he sets them for many aspects of life including future careers, lacrosse and school.

“I want to travel and love my job,” Brueck said. “Maybe journalism or teaching.”

Brueck admires a man who could be a definition of perseverance: Jackie Robinson. Brueck’s love for sports helps feed the respect he has for Robinson.

“Robinson is my hero because of the breaking down of race barriers in sports,” Brueck said.

Sports play a big role in Bo’s life, being competitive or just for fun. Lacrosse’s impact has been big on Brueck, and this motivates him to set another goal.

“Winning a lacrosse state championship would be a very special experience” Brueck said.

Brueck doesn’t back down from a challenge, he attacks them with infectious smile and attitude.His goals are set in hope that they will provide extra motivation; although, achieving these goals may be tough, Brueck seems very determined.

“Perseverance and focus will pay off,” Brueck said.

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