Felicie Jones hates the use of the N-word, but loves helping others

By Anne Matecun, Hudson High School

Senior Felicie Jones, from Loy Norrix High School in Kalamazoo, is an aspiring journalist and slam poet, loves a good challenge and is passionate about writing and reading. Dressed in basketball shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers with her hair tied into a ponytail in multiple braids, Jones describes her family life.

“My sister likes me get me to wear form fitting clothes and skinny jeans all the time,” Jones said. “But I’m confident that I would stick to my basketball shorts any day over tight scratchy skinny jeans. “

Jones has three older sisters and one older brother.

“My brother is 30 and just came back five years ago from the marines and I have two fraternal twin sisters –they are both now 23. But the sister I’m closest with is with my sister Victoria,” Jones said. “Because my siblings are all older than me, she and I are the closest in relationship because we’re the closest in age.”

Perhaps Jones is more demure because of the amount of children in her family.

“Overall I’m very energetic and sometimes I can be a little introverted,” Jones said. “But once I meet someone and get to know them, I’ll take a minute a mile.”

Aside from Felicie’s siblings, her mother is from Alabama and her dad is from Connecticut. They stress the importance of education and using money wisely and responsibly. One problem in Kalamazoo and Portage is financial divide between the two counties.

Jones says the people where she’s from describe Kalamazoo as “the hood” and Portage as “white and better off,” and Jones is right smack dab in the middle of the two. Felicia’s friends are in Kalamazoo so she says she doesn’t spend much time in Portage but she hears about discrimination being an issue in Portage.

“One thing that angers me is when people use the N word a lot,” Jones said. “I’m good and done with the songs that use the N word and because I know the root of that word and there are better ways to show dignity in people than to use that word. Songs on the radio slice the N word thinking it’s okay, but it’s not. People that use that word are two-facing it. They make it okay for one race over another. I would want others to respect each other and know the severity and the impact of that word on others.”

Jones knows that one thing to do is to ignore those people that use it; for people who are close to her, she speaks up about her hatred for such disrespect.

“I know that my boyfriend used to use that word around me a lot, and I told him to stop and that if he can’t stop, then I won’t be around him,” Jones said.

Jones with a strong mindset and is ready and excited to be headed off to many incredible experiences for her future and she is prepared to make her mark in the world. She has large, supportive friend group and goes out with her best friend and and loving sister almost everyday Together they go out to movies shop together and If they’re not hanging out, they’re probably texting.

Jones  is a hardworking student and already has ideas of where she wants to attend college.

“I think I may want to go to Western Michigan University,” Jones said, because of their wonderful youth program.”

A sorority that she wants to join is Alpha Kappa Alpha. They sent her an application for their program and Jones has enjoyed participating in many of their activities, including community service. For instance the sorority is active holding events such as Hunger Walks and A Relay for Life.

“I love helping another person,” Jones said. “One hunger walk we did was with our group of four and our teacher we walked four miles for four miles in which an average woman walks in Africa to get water. I love community service because when you have nothing, even such a little thing as a smile to someone you don’t know, or a doing something for someone else to make their life better, can benefit you as a person, and make you joyous.”

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