Humans of MIPA 2019

Joel Beeker, MIPA Minion
“Freshman year is still pretty scary at first but it’s definitely helpful to be really social. Try to get out there as much as possible because making connections is everything. It’s who you know. Whether that’s getting a job or going out with friends. The reason I got my internship as a student strategist with digital marketing at M Connections is because I went to a networking event and made connections and got in touch with the right people and that allowed me to get a job.” Keely Messacar

Kyle Harrison
“I don’t want to be older. I want to stay here, right now. I don’t want to be an adult. I don’t want to worry about making my own wage and living by myself. I don’t really want that on my plate right now. I want to stay the way I am. I wish I was 8 years old again, when no one cared about what you do and you can run around freely. I wish I could get back to those days. Now, I read or write to take my mind off of it and forget growing up.” Navya Chamiraju

Kellie Miles “Honestly, I just took a picture with my cat and that was the first time I really ever edited a picture. I didn’t really know what I was doing, it was way over saturated, it wasn’t the greatest thing in the world. Then I realized how much I liked taking pictures so I just kept doing it more and more. I started looking up things and realized how many different themes you can do, so that’s really what got me into it. The thing that drew me to photography are the stories you can capture in one image. Every picture has a story behind it, even if they don’t tell it. They know what happened during that picture, before and after, just taking that moment.” Hope Whitney

Cody Wallinga “My mom died from cancer in my sophomore year of high school. This was also during my brother’s senior year of high school. My brother is really stoic, basically a frat guy. He is really strong. Two years after she died we were sitting on the roof, looking at the stars, because we are nerds and like astrology. Then out of nowhere, he just started crying. It was that moment that I knew how much it really affected him and how much we as a family hide our feelings. It was a realization that stuff can still affect you years in the future and no one is as strong as they appear. It was that moment of realizing that he was depressed about it, like me.” Kip Mayes

Rey Kam I was 6 years old. I got peer pressured into peeing my pants. I was trying to act tough because they were older kids and I was like, ‘Uh, yeah I can hang.’ My soccer game was over and my sister was still playing her game while my grandma watched me run around on the baseball field. [The older kids] were like, ‘Well if you are so tough and strong, why don’t you go pee behind those bushes,’ and I was like, ‘I can’t pee in public, are you kidding?’ and they were like, ‘We don’t believe you, we don’t think you are tough and strong.’ So I went behind the bushes, but I was too embarrassed to pull down my pants so I just… peed in my pants. So I had to go tell my grandma that I had an accident and needed to go home. Kip Mayes

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