Marissa Higgs: All the way from the windy city

Melissa Higgs, a Chicago native, is at MIPA in the Editor's class, "We do a lot of debates," Higgs said, "I think the instructor is trying to get us to think for ourselves."

Marissa Higgs, a Chicago native, is taking one of the Editors classes. “We do a lot of debates,” Higgs said. “I think the instructor is trying to get us to think for ourselves.”

Sitting alone at the sports bar in the Vista for the first day of MIPA, no one would know that Marissa Higgs had an interesting story to share.

“I’m from Chicago, but when I was a few months old, my family moved to Florida. I lived in the panhandle, which is really Deep South,” Higgs said, “They’d always say ‘welcome to the swamp, chomp chomp,’ what is it with people and their schools?”

Many people Marissa had spoken with had said that they liked Chicago’s Lakefront and all the good colleges in town.

“You know, I’ve heard that from a bunch of people, their favorite part of Chicago is the colleges. It’s funny because here I am with all these great colleges around me, and I don’t want to go to any of them,” Higgs said, “People in Michigan want to get away for college, so they go to Chicago, but I’ve been to all those schools and I know people who go there, so I want to get away from them. College is a time to reinvent yourself, you have to get out there and do it. You need to go somewhere new for the experience. You aren’t tied down, which is great because then you can just leave when you’re done.”

People always wonder if the sports rivalry in Chicago is as big as they say it is when you take the tour in the John Hancock building. It is.

“I’m a die-hard Cubs fan,” Higgs said, “They always lose, but the stadium is awesome. Besides, then they kind of go along with the Bears, Daaa Bears, we do that all the time. Die-hard Cubs fans are great, so are die-hard Bears fans, but I hate die-hard White Sox fans. It makes me mad just thinking about it!”


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