Mercedes Hussein has high hopes for Digital Storytelling


The class was involved, everyone pointing out every detail of Midland High School Senior Mercedes Hussein’s website presentation of The Focus. The black and white themed website captured the attention of many of the students in the room, along with other small details such as a 50 word rant page, who class teacher Betsy Rau claimed was “Really cool”.

Rau was the director of summer MIPA from 1990-2011 and is currently in the Michigan Journalism Hall-of-fame. She also was involving students in her class, letting them show off their websites one by one showing what the websites have to offer, while the students took quick notes so they could take it back to their classrooms.

As the class sat on, one by one critiquing each others web sites. Hussein was pleased with the first day of the class

“We only have one person who really knows about web on our staff” Hussein said “I’m looking to take some valuable information back”

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