MSU Dairy Store provides area’s ‘best ice cream’


For families and students alike, all can enjoy the homemade ice cream and cheese from the Michigan State University (MSU) Dairy Store.

The Store, which is open year-round, provides jobs for MSU students. Not only do the food science majors work at producing the goods, but also communications majors handle the public relations and many other majors work to serve customers.

“[It’s] a great place to work because you produce everything…everything can apply to a future job,” said student supervisor Megan Sprague.

The Dairy Store was voted one of the favorite places in Michigan to get ice cream by Pure Michigan’s twitter followers.

Ordering his ice cream, Masek ends his journey at MSU. He traveled there with 5 other students.

Jonah Masek, an incoming senior at Oakland University (OU), visited the Dairy Store after completing a tour of MSU’s organic farm with his urban farming class from OU.

“This was our way to cap it off…(this raspberry sherbet is) going to be great. I can tell,” said Masek.

Working at the Dairy Store, employees make cheese. The Dairy Store has always been making its own foodstuffs.

One of the most popular flavors is “sesquicentennial swirl”—an ice cream made for MSU’s 150th birthday in 2005, which tastes like vanilla birthday cake swirled with green icing. The flavor was so popular that it became part of the Big 10 flavors that they always keep available for purchase.

MIPA students also traveled to the Dairy Store on breaks from class.

“I heard from someone that I should go here and try the ice cream at MSU,” said MIPA student Tiffany Zhang.

According to Sprague, the Store is busiest during football season, but the staff handles it well.

“We have the best ice cream made by the best people,” she said. By Danielle Raykhinshteyn and Brianna Hermann / Upstart Staff

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