MSU Sports Turf Director gives account of incident at Michigan State vs. Michigan game

Amy Fouty takes the Sports Coverage class on a tour of the Spartan Stadium and answers questions about game days, the field, and other sports related questions.

Amy Fouty, Assistant Athletic Director and Sports Turf Manager at Michigan State University gave the Sports Coverage class at MIPA summer journalism workshop an inside perspective on the field at Spartan Stadium on Tuesday. During the tour, a student asked a question about an incident that occurred during the 2018 football season at Michigan State’s match up with the University of Michigan. Prior to the game Devin Bush, who was a linebacker at Michigan at the time, got riled up by some of the Michigan State players and proceeded to attempt to damage the Spartan head painted in the center of the field.

Fouty gave her accounts of what happened that day, and how she was involved.

Transcript of Fouty’s account

“Michigan State comes out to do their normal walk, and Michigan players weren’t supposed to be on the field. There was nobody out here except for a couple DA’s, there were no coaches, no strength and conditioning coaches. They were asked to leave a couple times, but they were puffing their chests out and being jerks. Michigan State players were told by Coach Dantonio to drop their arms if there was something going on. So the guy was jaw-jacking to our guy, he didn’t drop his arms, so it came across as a closing.

“Then, Michigan State continued down the field, they did their “Go Green, Go White” [chant], then they started walking back, while [the Michigan players] were all pissed off, and there were no coaches, nobody over there to manage them, so then there was more [talking between teams] and it just escalated.

“So then [Devin Bush] decided to go out to the middle of the field and starts scuffing. It’s terribly embarrassing for him I think. When people have asked me about it, I said I felt more sorry for the kid. He didn’t do anything to the field, but he really embarrassed himself and potentially could have lost millions of dollars that day in a contract because when you go into the NFL, they really don’t want people who can’t control themselves. You’re being paid millions of bucks there, they’re making an investment in you.

“So he’s out there doing that, and I literally am standing [at the 30 yard line of the field] and no one is saying anything to him. So I walk towards him and say “knock it off.” This is the truth, this is the part of the story that people don’t know. And he turned at me and he yelled a few things that I won’t repeat, and I said for him to, again, to knock it off.

“And then, do you remember that little video where he’s being held back? He was yelling at me. He was trying to come after me. When he started walking towards me, trying to get in my face, that’s when that guy grabbed him. And for whatever reason, that didn’t get caught on video, which I’m grateful for because I’d hate to be on Top 10 ESPN for a stupid thing.”

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