Olivia Drlik enjoys hip hop, tap, jazz and lyrical dance

By Paige Lorichon, Grand Ledge High School

Throughout her childhood, junior Olivia Drlik spent a lot of time with her family, sisters and friends.

“I always feel invited and comfortable around my family,” Drlik said.  “I’m accepted, cared for and never have to worry about fitting in.”

Drlik’s two older sisters Molly, 23, and Sara, 22, have taught her most from their shared experiences.

“It’s like their words of wisdom,” Drlik said. “It’s very helpful because they are older.”

Drlik has a plan to go to the University of Michigan when she graduates and her grandmother was one of the few who graduated in the first nursing class.

“It’s like a family tradition,” Drlik said. “My whole family has gone there, including my parents and sisters.”

She shares an interest for reading and dance. Her father does swing dancing and sometimes dances with the family on occasion.

“Whenever there is music on, we all get up and start dancing,” Drlik said.  “It’s actually really fun.”

Since she was two-years-old, Drlik went to a dance class called Mommy and Me for younger dancers. Her father sometimes took her to the class as well, even though it was called Mommy and Me. Drlik’s older sister started taking more dance classes and together they found the perfect dance teacher.

“She is really helpful and has the perfect personality,” Drlik said. “She is just a really good teacher for us.”

There is not a dance team at her school so Drlik took a few classes outside of school. She did take hip hop for awhile but now takes tap, jazz and lyrical dance at the same time.

“I don’t have time in my schedule for any big competitions or anything,” Drlik said. “I just do it for the fun.”

She also helps teach three and four-year-olds to dance and carry on the love for it as she does.

Drlik took an InDesign class to learn more about design and didn’t realize how good she had become. She then won an award called the Darle Horse Award that was given to the best designer. The award was presented by two students in the class towards the end of the year.

At H.H. Dow High School, Drlik has a lot of classes to choose from including harder AP classes.

“There’s a lot of pressure in classes,” Drlik said.  “Lots of people I know are smart and you’re expected to do so much.”

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