Rayna Adams enjoys life as the oldest of six kids

By Toria Breadon, East Middle School

When sophomore Rayna Adams’ mom went to the hospital to deliver her fifth sibling, something went wrong. That meant that Adams, as the oldest, was in charge of her younger siblings: Ethan, 13, Morgan, 11, J.J., 8 and Jamison, 4.

Her mom, dad and Jarrett, now 1, came home a week later, everything was fine, but Adams will never forget that stress.

“Because ever since Jamison broke his femur — now when they’re wrestling, it stresses me out,” Adams said.

Adams addressed another complication of her crowded home.

“The most difficult thing about having a large family is getting ready for social events,” Adams said. “You would get one dressed and the next thing you know they have a stain on their shirt.”

Having such a large family made Adams realize that she had to be a good role model for her younger siblings.

“I do well on tests, I get good grades, I’m an honors student, I’m in student council and I’m in national honors society,” Adams said.

She aspires to be like Rosa Parks “because she stood up for what she believed in” and travel to countries like Italy and Japan.

“I think it would be cool to experience new places and different areas rather than just around where I am,” Adams said. “I already finished my courses that I have to take, but I want to take French this coming year and learn the language so I can go there. I feel like Japan would be cool. It’d be a different culture.”

However, Adams enjoys her big family.

“Although it was frustrating at times, I cannot imagine my family being any different,” Adams said.

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