Students host podcast discussing relevant political topics

Evan Ash and Nathan Penoyer discuss relevant politcal topics on the podcast “River Talk.”
“River Talk Episode 1” hosted by Manit Patel and Austin Aldrich, featuring Evan Ash and Nathan Penoyer.

As part of the Podcasting, Audio Storytelling & Radio class, incoming seniors Manit Patel and Austin Aldrich of Huron High School have taken the initiative to begin a podcast named “River Chat.” They said they hope to be able to continue when they go back to school this fall, but on Tuesday the podcast hosted their first guests, two MIPA students Evan Ash from Community and Nathan Penoyer from Huron High School. The topics of discussion regarded politics, with Patel and Aldrich facilitating the discussion and Ash and Penoyer spoke out about their different views on relevant issues.

“It went a lot better than I expected it to be,” Patel said. “I expected there to be more arguing or yelling, but I’m really happy with how this first podcast turned out.”

The podcast spanned over a 25 minute period, where the students discussed popular recent controversies including “the squad” in Congress and Megan Rapinoe kneeling for the National Anthem in the Women’s FIFA World Cup. Ash identifies as a democratic socialist while Penoyer identifies as a conservative libertarian, so the views between the two differed. However, while wrapping up the podcast, the two debaters shook hands and recognized each other for respecting their thoughts and opinions on the topics.

“It was great to have a civil conversation with someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum,” Ash said.

The podcast is expected to continue throughout the week, featuring different guests and covering a variety of topics.

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