Sydney Bammel arrives as MIPA’s first camper

In anticipation of the opening day of MIPA’s 2013 Summer Workshop, junior Sydney Bammel from Rochester High School was already getting ready for camp by 9:30  a.m. for the 2:30 p.m. check-in in East Shaw Hall. Arriving more than two hours early, she was the first camper in line for registration.

9:30 a.m. – “I woke up this morning [Sunday, July 28] at like 9:30 a.m. and got ready. I had to get all packed up and ready to go, and then I got in the car to go head over to my friend’s house.”

10 a.m.- “I went to my friend’s [co-staff member and camper Melody Zang] house and we carpooled down to campus.”

12 p.m.- “It took us two hours to drive from Rochester, so we ended up getting here super early. Even once we were on campus, it took us awhile to find Shaw Hall though because of all the construction going on.”

Sydney Bammel, first student to arrive at #MIPA2013 camp

Sydney Bammel from Rochester High opens the door to her room in East Shaw Hall as she is the first MIPA camper for the summer workshop. Spending time in the Advanced InDesign class, Bammel wants to become a better designer over the next week.
Haley Kluge/Photo

12:10 p.m.- “Once we finally found Shaw, they weren’t ready for registration yet, so we went over to Grand River and grabbed Taco Bell. And then we ran through the rain and got drenched trying to get bubble tea from Bubble Island. We just saw the place a few stores down so we ran in really quick and got tea to drink.”

1:00 p.m.- “We got back to Shaw around one, but they still weren’t ready for us, so we just sat around in the lobby and played cards and killed time for a while.”

2:30 p.m.- “Once time for registration opened, we got our t-shirts and got all signed in and got our room keys. Then we ended up carrying all of our stuff upstairs to the third floor because we didn’t figure out their was an elevator until after the fact when we were coming down stairs. So we got all unpacked and then have just been hanging in our room ever since.”

3:15 p.m.- “After we had been there for a while, my roommate Kelley [Arnold] came up and I got to meet her and now we’re just hanging out waiting for the opening.”


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