Taylor McPhail has a big voice and big dreams to match

By Kathleen Carroll, Grosse Pointe South High School

Grand Ledge High School senior Taylor McPhail has a big voice and big dreams to match.

Since McPhail’s freshman year, she’s been involved in her school productions. She was a tap dancer in “White Christmas,” in the chorus for “Beauty and the Beast” and “Grease,” Glinda in “The Wizard of Oz” and just landed her first title role: she will star as Mary Poppins in “Mary Poppins” this November.

She hopes to appear on Broadway one day, on her way to winning a Tony Award.

“Musicals are my favorite thing to do outside of school, and my favorite thing period,” McPhail said.

McPhail wants to attend Michigan State University because of its excellent theatre program and close proximity to her family, especially her little brother Brody, and her father.

“My Papa is my hero,” McPhail said. “He’s always been my number one supporter, done everything possible for me and been a huge inspiration.”

Music isn’t the only form of art that this budding star enjoys. She loves to write essays and fictional stories, and hopes to one day write a full-length screenplay. She is involved in her school newspaper,
“The Comets’ Tale.” Last month, she won an honorable mention press award at American Legion Auxiliary Girls State for her work on the daily press association, particularly for writing daily horoscopes.

In addition, McPhail is involved in student council, the National Honor Society and her school’s choir.

“It’s busy, and a lot of work outside of school,” McPhail said. “But it’s also a lot of fun.”

McPhail’s biggest pet peeve is people with bad attitudes. The greatest lesson she’s ever learned was said best in one of Abraham Lincoln’s most well-known quotes. “Whatever you are, be a good one.” She says this is important to remember — no matter what one’s role in a musical or on a publication staff.

“You’re always significant, no matter what,” McPhail said.

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