What was the funniest/strangest thing that happened to you at MIPA?

“We went upstairs to get my friends ukulele to take a picture with the Stitch stuffed animal but when we came back he was gone. Some kids were taking him away and said ‘it’s our opinion that you won’t find him!’ It was weird.”

Katherine Wolf


“I heard girls screaming in the hallway outside my room ‘THERE’S A FLYING COCKROACH’ so I had to kill it with my friends shoe. It was as big as my palm and I wrapped it with duct tape.”

Abby Jackson


“We saw a shirtless man walking his dog in jean shorts that were too short. We thought it was pretty funny.”

Hope Bobbitt


“We were outside taking pictures of a squirrel that got up really close to us. It was so cute. Then all of a sudden it starts running towards us and our screaming scared it away. Creepy squirrel.”

Emily St Amour


“I wanted to go up to random people’s doors and do a little Frozen knock and sing ‘do you wanna do an interview’!”

Mariah Khoury


“Our teacher is really enthusiastic and screams a lot. We’ll be sitting in class and she’ll be prompting us to say stuff and when you would say it she’ll be like ‘YEAH! STARBURST FOR YOU!” and chuck it at you. We were beaten with candy!”

Kelly Krajewski


“My roommates and I were working really late and it got so late that we were all slap happy singing Frozen songs really loud.”

Courtney Zhu


“At like, 2:00 in the morning, my roommate Deven Bernier will be playing this Kim Kardashian game—she was obsessed with it. She even woke me up this morning by screaming ‘I JUST GOT ON THE A-LISTERS!’ I didn’t even respond.”

Leslie Batoha


“I was watching Cinderella Story with my entire staff of 13 girls in one room at midnight. Directly across the window there was a dorm with 4 guys in it. And one guy was just hitting his roommates with a pillow—it was just him—it wasn’t a pillow fight or anything. So we just started watching him all confused. Once they noticed us they started laughing and telling us to call them but then the counselors told us to be quiet. I still don’t know who they were.”

Peyton Pawlusiak


“I had a dream that an old man offered me candy.”

Matt Schmucker



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