Advanced Yearbook Design students learn ‘Good C.R.A.P’

Students in instructor Lydia Cadena’s Advanced Yearbook Design course are working to implement the “C.R.A.P” principles to their designs. C.R.A.P. stands for “contrast,” “alignment,” “repetition” and “proximity,” and, according to Cadena, is a staple of good design.


Omar Yousif, a senior at Howell High School said, “I’m going to be the design editor next year, so I thought [this course] was the best one suited for me. I mean it’s only been one day, but I’ve already learned so much just in the first day.”


MIPA’s Advanced Yearbook Design class focuses on helping students to become more efficient designers, according to Cadena, and she teaches them how to master more basic tools in order to eventually become experts in the kind of layouts, designs and techniques that make a great yearbook.


Cadena’s career in yearbook design began as a high school student and has continued over her 19 years as a yearbook adviser at Novi High School and about 12 years teaching yearbook classes at MIPA.


“Our mantra is ‘work smarter, not harder,’ so I try to teach the students skills they can use to be more efficient designers,” Cadena said.
A few of the things Cadena showed students was how to divide each spread into small sections in order to maximize space and efficiency, and how inspiration and ideas can be taken from magazines in order to  yearbook. The class also met with Jostens representatives in order to discuss themes and other aspects for their upcoming yearbooks.

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