Bachelorette attracts attention of MIPA students

The second floor of the East Shaw building at Michigan State University is a temporary home for MIPA and college students alike, but as of Monday night its girls’ bathroom became a place for second floor female students to enjoy the “Bachelorette”.


“I was going to the bathroom when I heard Ashley from the ‘Bachelorette’,” staff member Counselor Danielle said. “The girls were screaming, it was exciting. They were reenacting the proposal for the camera we had.”


Although there were the some that enjoyed the experience, there were also a few that did not particularly care for it.


“When I went in the bathroom to get ready for bed, the girls were looking for the channel,” senior Melanie Sweet said. “It was loud, over dramatic, and irritating.”

The small TV that was used in the bathroom of the second floor of the Shaw building on the Michigan State campus. Though it was small it was still a TV to watch "Bachelorette" on.

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