Hawthorne class takes on new challenges involving writing anecdotal stories

MIPA class ‘The Bobby Hawthorne Experience’ takes on a new endeavour as students of the class are challenged to write stories in a new way this year. The students are given a noun list and had to interview multiple people that can tell a story based of a noun from the sheet. Nouns given include: Delusion, apprehension, fetish, and redemption.

“I want my students to concentrate on moments. Most writing in high school is abstract, vague. a mile long, and an inch deep. And I don’t want that. I want it to be a foot wide, and 40 feet deep.” Class leader Bobby Hawthorne said. “ So you take a single incident and you develop depth. So I can feel like I’m really there, and then I can understand what that moment meant in a larger context.”

Students of the class have not only worked last night, but also through lunch on various anecdotes.  During class, Hawthorne gave a ten minute limit on interviewing another student about a changing event of their life.

“It’s interesting. It’s inherently interesting.  Cars crashing into buildings, people almost dying, heroes, victims, villains. These are all interesting characters.” Hawthorne said. “What’s not interesting is a quote from a person person about a thing that they don’t care about. ‘Art is fun. I like to do art. I plan to do more. Who’s gonna read that?”

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