Jeremy Whiting brings new audio class to MIPA summer workshop

New to the 2019 MIPA summer workshop is “Podcasting, Audio Storytelling & Radio” with instructor Jeremy Whiting. The class takes place in Holden Hall where the award-winning student radio station, Impact 89FM, is recorded. Whiting, the previous president of MIPA’s board of directors and the current general manager at Impact 89FM, said he has big plans for this new class, including having students “to be able to produce a podcast for their publication, whether it be with really good studio equipment or something portable like a cell phone.” 

Students cling closely to every word from instructor, Jeremy Whiting, as he explains the process of editing audio files. Photo by Brianna Neuhouser

Whiting said his favorite part of this process is seeing the different approaches to audio that the students can take. He said he enjoys hearing the ideas and giving them the means to achieve such creativity. 

Liam Fagan, the new sports editor from the Portage Northern Light, in Portage, Mich., said he took Whiting’s class to “learn what goes into starting and maintaining a podcast and what kind of equipment I would need to do so.” He said he has some great ideas, including one called “The Gag Reel,” which would make fun of bad Hollywood movies. 

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