MIPA Puts Baby In The Corner

If you ask anyone here if they like MIPA, the answer will almost always come as a resounding yes. Whether it be the Dueling Design Divas on day one, or the MIPA cup tournament throughout the week, MIPA sets the gold standard for all journalism camps. However, one controversial change has left many students frustrated and left to wonder why.

MIPA’S elimination of the annual dance has been one of the most talked about changes all throughout Shaw Hall, and not in a flattering way. First year students like Darrell Howard feel like they’re missing a key part of the experience. “I’m really disappointed, because I live to dance, and its kinda a bummer that we have to miss out on that.”

Workshop Director Chad Sanders was sympathetic to students frustration, but reminded students that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He empathized with students irritation, but reiterated during his opening ceremony that there would be numerous other opportunities to “learn it, live it, and love it,” even without getting to ‘dance it’

Students like Jodie Bosheers and Khadeejah Ahmed were frustrated, but shared Mr. Sander’s optimistic outlook. “I was mad at first, by it sounds like there is going to be other stuff so I’m okay.” Bosheers said. “I’m more into the volleyball to the volleyball tournament” added Ahmed. However, some students don’t sound like they’re going to take this lying down. An anonymous source claims they heard some students banding together to start their own dance, right in the lobby. However, how they’ll manage to find time to cram this in remains a mystery.


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