Sparty Winner – The Complete Yearbook

Sparty Winner – The Complete Yearbook

By: Charlotte Willson
Carnage was everywhere as over loaded backpacks lay strewn about the hallways and sore campers sprawled themselves across couches, nursing painful shoulders. It was evident that the first battle at Shaw Hall has resulted in a victory for the fully stuffed satchels.
“I gave some of my stuff to my friends so I didn’t have to carry it,” sighed Chelsye Barstch (’12), calling for reinforcements.
Needing an extra hand in her battle was fellow senior, Becca Nelson (’12).
“My yearbook advisor gave me a bag that weighs almost a much as I do,” complained Nelson.
Not only did her backpack contain the usual pens, pencils, paper, and crayons but she also lugged around “Six yearbooks, two Yearbook Yearbooks, one dictionary, two thesauruses, a rhyming dictionary, magazines, last year’s yearbook ladder, an organizer, sticky notes and a camera,” added Nelson.
Everyone on campus seemed to be struggling against the firepower of the bags. With teachers adding packets of information and layout sheet it seemed as if the backpacks would win outright, but the campers were determined. They shouldered the heavy loads and trudged through the campus.
Once inside the classrooms the students eagerly dropped the packs and an unofficial cease-fire took place. Upon dismissal from class, however, the backpacks forced the students to hunch their shoulders and wince.
After a fierce five day battle, the gang of backpacks, purse, and draw-string bags, came out the heavy-weight champs. Their prize? A trip to the storage closet until school resumes and the battle begins again. As for the campers, they realized quickly that weight wins when backpacks attack.

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