Yearbook for InDesign advances designs to next level.

Building off their basic InDesign skills reiterated in Monday’s sessions, the Yearbook for InDesign class prepares to dive into today’s design challenges with full force.

On the agenda, advanced skills ranging from text wrapping and typography elements, all the way to incorporating a dominant photo into a spread with a supporting color palette.

Students started work on spreads for their school yearbooks incorporating the book’s theme.

Instructor Lydia Cadena cautioned her designers to not use design elements that, although they may be diverse and interesting, stray from their book’s theme.

“Just because you can (use an element), doesn’t mean you should,” Cadena said, meaning students should use elements that are not only dominant but accent the spread’s theme, not distract from it.

Cadena helped students develop their spreads and designs in order to complement their book’s theme to the fullest extent.

“Today’s class was helpful because I got some good constructive criticism on ideas of my spread that I didn’t like at first,” Chelsea Lau, Novi High School student, said. Lau said she saw improvements to her designs within the first session alone.

Lau appreciates the lab time built into the class solely for students to work on their spreads and improve their design skills. Complementing the work time, Lau commented on the ability to work and communicate her fellow staff members and editors at MIPA’s other yearbook classes aids the design process and development of their theme.

The class prepares for more work and advances on the spreads and designs Wednesday.

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