Yearbook students work to broaden their theme ideas

In the Taking Your Yearbook to the Edge class, instructor Pam Bunka said students will learn ways to broaden their theme and the unique content within their school’s yearbook. Students had the homework assignment of coming up with a list of what they wanted help with for their yearbook.

“I’m going to try to personalize this as much as I can for what their needs are,” Bunka said, “keeping in mind a theme packet, in some way or some form, is the end goal.”


Student visited topics of their cover, opening and closing, sports and academic pages. Students have access to many outlets in the camp, including their instructor and employees from Jostens yearbook company.


Instructor Pam Bunka converses with students about contacting one of her former editors about a color palette.

“I have learned to be open to new ideas,” MIPA student Samantha Sharland said. “We had a theme stuck in our head that we wanted for our yearbook this year and learned that it actually wasn’t that good of a theme. Having Pam Bunka here to tell us that really helped a lot before we got too far in the theme process.”

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