MIPA Final Night Highlights

MIPA last night highlights

Highlights from the last night of the MIPA Summer Journalism Camp

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It’s a #mipa2012 pyramid! http://pic.twitter.com/bnrvJI5kJames Coller
RT @shelbrolandd: lmao this kid did not really just take his pants off in the middle of his #mipa2012 rap #nicespandexLauren Kostiuk
Bathing suits are optional at #mipa2012James Coller
Stony creek source #MIPA2012Tim Carroll
SO MUCH SWAG! #mipa2012Sarah Rebecca
We love the #whattobringtoMIPA song. That’s 2013 brochure material #mipa2012MIPA
This talent show is better than last years. #loveit #mipa2012Bri
Everybody at #mipa2012 claims to not be a hipster but we all know…..Femme Fatale
RT @burtahclur: Best talent show I’ve been toooo #mipa2012Dalia Khader
“Let’s take a moment of silence for Betsy. She’s not dead.” – Chad #mipa2012Olivia Porath
@CarmelJim gives a little bit of his love for #mipa2012 at the talent show. Why not give more, Jim?Brian Wilson
Jim Streisel is singing an acoustic version of “I’m Sexy and I Know It” at the #mipa2012 talent show. Night made. http://pic.twitter.com/njhzUToWRachel Jackson
@carmeljim rocking out #MIPA2012 to close out the talent show. A lot of great acts, it was hard to judge!Kate Jacobson
Congrats SCHS Source for first place in the talent show! #MIPA2012 http://pic.twitter.com/i7AHEmIjStephanie Elanges
All these awk social gatherings, I can’t decide which one to attend #mipa2012Julie Dunmire
Come down to the theatre! Lots of twearking #mipa2012Julie Dunmire
Great talent show. @carmeljim sounds like a mix between Fergie and Jesus. #mipa2012Jayna
Chaperoning the #MIPA2012 dance. To think they gave me such a hard task #highschooldance #teennageromanceKate Jacobson
@valvulaj amen gurl #mipa2012 “you call that grinding”Jordyn Burt
The kids at #mipa2012 dance are amazing at grinding….#classyAllie Cross
RT @JaynaLeigh: Great talent show. @carmeljim sounds like a mix between Fergie and Jesus. #mipa2012Jim Streisel
rubbin butts with strangers #MIPA2012 #getcrunkkkSabrina Orbeck
RT @AntoniaVrana: Of course someone took there pants off. Only at #MIPA2012 @LMBayle @RaeDeBrabander @austinward4538 http://pic.twitter.com/L1DlUPrdAustin Ward
RT @hilariouslyours: @EmmaLeigh95 mocking peoples awkward grinding #MIPA2012Allie Creamer
RT @MrsBuckeye: Put your pants back on you hippie #MIPA2012John Grasty
Please someone teach me how to dougie. #mipa2012 #danceLaine Bayle
I’m so sad that I decided to watch the Olympics instead of go to the dance. I missed a perfect opportunity to show off my twerking #MIPA2012Tim Carroll
Cute boys + dancing = a great time haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ #mipa2012Laine Bayle


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