Lindsay Fizzell

Lindsay Fizzell

Hello as you read I am Lindsay Fizzell. Right now I am currently attending my senior year at Laingsburg High School. For my senior year I am the editor in chief of our video class. I help any of the students that need help with the programs we use or the video cameras. I also see over the the senior video we do for the graduating class every year. Some other subject I work on are the yearbook and on the newspaper.

July 30, 2013

During the morning of July 30, Ike Lea’s Sports Photography class will travel to different parts of Lansing.  The first place is a gym called TwistStars, a gymnastics facility that […]

July 29, 2013

While the MIPA journalism summer workshop offers a chance for new staff members to hone their journalistic skills, some students have attended the workshop two or more times. For these […]