Chef cooks up big plate at State

You just eat the food. You don’t make it and you don’t know who did. But there’s a whole other world behind the serving counters in The Vista at Shaw Hall.

“The food is great. It’s a lot better than what I expected college food to be like,” Renaissance High School senior, Arianna Smith said.

Since the start of MIPA on Sunday, the cafeteria at Shaw Hall, The Vista, has served dishes such as KFC chicken bowls, Lo Mein, and beef steak fajitas, all of which are homemade. According to Michigan State chef, Jessica Ahrens, her and her crew have served more than eight hundred people, including over three hundred MIPA students.

“It’s insane and busy nonstop,” Ahrens said. “For pizza night we made about 100 pizzas and cut 12 slices each. That’s a lot of pizza.”

For Ahrens, who just started in January, being a chef at State is one of the best jobs to have. It’s like being a part of a family, she says.

Sunday night during the pizza party, two ovens were down, making the already insanely busy kitchen more hectic.

Sunday night during the pizza party, two ovens were down, making the already insanely busy kitchen more hectic.

“Everyone is very welcoming and State really cares about employees,” Ahrens said. “I haven’t experienced anything bad.”

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Clayton Barker says:
Jul 29, 2015

This is a really good article. Young kids always take food for granted and eat whatever we can get our hands on, and complain about the food we eat that doesn’t taste good.
At MIPA we are truly blessed with a good cafeteria which is clean, friendly staff and good food.
Not only is the food good, the food is also healthy as there are many options like vegetables, or even gluten free food for someone who can’t eat gluten. The food is also labeled properly for students at MIPA who have food allergies, signs on every lunch line which easily help any kid with a food allergy decipher what he or she cannot eat.
Overall the dining experience at State has been one to be reckoned with as to having high expectations for food that can serve vast amounts of people quickly.

Jasmine WIlson says:
Jul 29, 2015

I must say, I absolutely agree with everything in this article about the quality of the food and the excellent work ethic displayed by the chefs. I am an upcoming junior at Rowe Clark High School in Chicago, and honesty the food there is no where near equivalent to the food served here. For dinner yesterday I indulged in two slices of pizza, two bread sticks, jalapeno cheese poppers. and skinless chicken with brown rice. I just couldn’t help myself. This post was immensely accurate. Good work.

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