Getting Advanced IN to DESIGNing Newspapers

Who knew it took to much to design a newspaper? With the desktop publishing program InDesign, you can compose your entire newspaper. There are several options in the program to make your newspaper pop! You have the ability to add photos, style pages, and of course, write stories. Nate Graham, a student here at MIPA, describes the “Advanced InDesign for Newspaper” class as very interesting and very impressive, and he’s really excited to be in this class his first year. “We started out looking at our newspapers and magazines that we brought in,” says Graham. “We were also given a report card to grade our newspapers.” The Advanced InDesign students graded their school newspapers and/or magazines on their design, format, and content.

The class’ lesson for today covered the ‘basics’ of InDesign: designing pages, adding effects on text and pictures, uploading pictures from DropBox, and InDesign shortcuts. Helping to make the MIPA experience a fun and educational one, was Mr. Jim Woerhle; he has been a teacher at Midland High School  for 15 years and a MIPA Instructor for 11. He started out the class giving out candy and teaching InDesign to young eager journalists. “I love combining hands-on learning techniques and practical application to my students.” Says Woerhle. The InDesign class watched today’s #MIPATV broadcast and were extremely pumped about the volleyball tournament today. You can catch the Advanced InDesign team at 5:00 against the “Bobby Hawthorne Experience.”

Advanced InDesign for Newspaper students learning how to edit and add effect to pictures for their newspapers.

Advanced InDesign for Newspaper students learning how to edit and add effects to pictures for their newspapers.

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