Infographics students work with Adobe Illustrator

During the Illustrator and Information Graphics class, students learned the basics of how to work with Adobe Illustrator by making bar graphs. According to instructor Karl Gude, today and the rest of this week students will have learned all the different parts of Adobe Illustrator and how to make different graphs, charts and maps. Additionally, he said, they will learn how to draw in the Adobe program.The goal at the end of the class is for each student to make their own information graphics.FullSizeRender (1)

Gude said infographic design is all about making something–from the layout of a school to the prices of fruit–and putting them into visuals for people to see so they can have a better understanding of that information. Comparing the process to when a photographer takes a picture that would better describe an event, Gude said infographics show people what they can’t put into words.

Student Casey Lacursvergis said she joined the class because of her love of graphic design and said she was excited to “enhance her skills and see what another infographic designer had to say.”

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