Journalism Workshop brings in wary parents, excited students

Spiders. Clowns. The dark. That’s the list of things that eighth grader Victoria Braedon could be afraid of, but she’s not.

An addition to that list is the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association, an overnight camp for student journalist held at Michigan State. Braedon isn’t afraid of staying four nights and 179 miles away from her home in Traverse City.

“I’m not nervous at all,” Braedon, a student at East Middle School, said. “I hope I learn a lot.”

The Michigan Interscholastic Press Association, or MIPA, launches off today, July 26, until July 30. The summer journalism workshop focuses on student’s media outlets such as school newspapers, news sites, and broadcasts.

Journalism nerds from all over Michigan, with some coming from out-of-state, flock together to write, edit, and capture.

“I hope MIPA helps me get more comfortable with a camera so that I’m getting the best shots that make the most impact for readers,” said Rochester High junior, Maggie Roehling.

The sound of rolling suitcases and parents’ anxious heartbeats filled the hallways of Shaw Hall as people checked in.

“I’m nervous and excited and a little anxious,” said Libby Roehling, Maggie Roehling’s mom.

“I know I’ll be crying a lot when college comes because we’re very proud of her,” Libby said as Maggie groaned in embarrassment.

MIPA’s theme for this year is “based on a true story”, which is inspired by how journalist can tell stories in movie fashion. To play on the movie theme, Monday is dress-like-a-movie-star-to-avoid-the-paparazzi day, also Monday at 9:15, is MIPA @ the movies.

“No matter what they [students] focus on, they should leave excited, energized, and they should leave with a BANG,” said workshop director, Chad Sanders.

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