MIPA staff to kick off talent show, prepare for closing ceremony

The week is coming to an end for all MIPA students. Student Director Kirk Weber said campers should have a lot to look forward to.

“We have Tunes by T coming in and setting up for the talent show,” Weber said. “They have the microphones and lights to make it look like a stage.”

According to Weber, Tunes by T is a DJ company that MIPA has used for over 10 years. After the talent show, they will quickly tear down the equipment and switch it for the dance.

Students can enjoy the opening act, Masthead, which is the MIPA staff band, then watch fellow campers and instructors perform. Those who don’t want to go to the talent show or dance can enjoy other activities throughout the night.

Aug. 4 will also be another big day for the students and staff.

“Our big thing is at 9:30 (in the morning where) we’re doing an all-camp picture,” Weber said.

The whiteboard "schedule" that keeps all MIPA staffers up to date with all of the day's activities and what needs to be done. The staff has been using the whiteboard throughout the week to keep things in order. Photo by Brianna Hermann / Upstart Staff

Weber said this is the first time the staff will take a picture of all the kids at the camp and the picture is going to be taken from the top of Shaw Hall.

After the picture, students will then return to their classes for the last time, where they’ll fill out evaluations of the class and listen to some last-minute words from their instructors. Once class ends, everyone will report to the business college for the closing ceremony, which Weber said should be fun.

“It’ll be a special one because it’s Betsy (Pollard Rau) and Cheryl (Pell)’s last closing,” he said. By Brianna Hermann / Upstart Staff

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