MIPA summer workshop shows ‘Mad Hot Ballroom’

On the evening of Aug. 2, MIPA staff members got together two “gargantuan” bags of popcorn in order to put together 300 single bags for the students who decided to come to the showing of the documentary “Mad Hot Ballroom”

According to staff member Melissa Mueller, the staff normally tries to get movies that have not yet premiered in theaters.

“There’s nothing quite out right now that’s previewing that we could get,” she said.

MIPA Director Cheryl Pell said she got the news that they couldn’t get a premiere movie at the last minute, right before the workshop started.

“We were actually prepared to show this (movie) last year. We wanted to be ready with something interesting in case we can’t get the premiere, and this year we couldn’t,” Pell said.

Pell also said they picked the documentary because it was light and there was a good message in it.

“It’s got little kids in it and they are kind of gawky kids,” Pell said. “All of us here have already gone through that stage in life and we made it through and we all look at these kids and say ‘ah, they’ll make it through, too.'”

Students who attended the movie stayed behind and shared their opinion on the movie.

Mario Ogu, a senior from Southfield High School, said the movie was not what he expected.

“I thought the movie was going to be stupid when I saw the preview,” Ogu said. “The movie was inadvertently funny.” By Brianna Hermann and Jason Greene / Upstart Staff

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