Photojournalists photograph journalists at MSU MIPA camp

On Aug. 2 at the 2011 MIPA Summer Journalism Workshops, the photojournalism class was hard at work. On this day they took the time to travel around the campus hunting down other MIPA journalism classes to shoot the group photos.

Paula Turner, the teacher of the photojournalism class as well as a professional photographer, said, “(The students) are putting all their new skills into action by taking class photos of all the new groups.”

The students who had already taken their class photos were in the midst of editing and choosing their best ones. The new skills they had acquired were being put to the test.

Kimberly Johnson of Saginaw Arts and Science Academy said, “We are learning not to just snap photos but to look at the composition. We have also been learning professional photography lingo.” By Aimee Dedic / Upstart Staff

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