Storify: Panel of experts speaks to MIPA students about bullying in schools

Bullying panel speaks to MIPA students

Several experts spoke on the topic of bullying to journalism students attending the 2012 MIPA summer journalism workshops during the evening of July 30.

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The lineup of speakers is included in this post.
Workshop speaker lineup announcedStudents will get a chance to listen to and interact with a great variety of speakers during this year’s workshop. Here are details on so…
Several students and faculty members tweeted about the panel, which included representatives from law enforcement, school administration, state legislation and parent and student groups.
Listening to a top-notch panel of experts speak on the topic of bullying here at #mipa2012 Streisel
If somebody closes a door in your face, find another door. #mipa2012Jeremy Van Hof
Sen. Gretchen Whitmer Matt’s Law dad Kevin Epling talk bullying to #MIPA2012 s Gude
Love seeing a packed house of eager young journalists #mipa2012 #bullying McLean
If you want to solve a problem as big as bullying, you can’t do it alone. You must build partnerships and educate everyone. #mipa2012Jeremy Van Hof
"Take what you know about bullying put it in a box, duck tape it, throw it away and start over" -Kevin Zepling #mipa2012The Upstart
"You can’t legislate how people parent, but that is a glaring area" – Senator Gretchen Whitmer #MIPA2012James Coller
Bullying law too basic? What should be added to protect students? #mipa2012Julie Dunmire
#mipa2012 Assignment from panel: Go back to your school and find out what your school’s bullying policy is.Jim Streisel
The change involves the student #mipa2012The Upstart
#mipa2012 Note from @rsatterthwaite : We reached out to 3 MI legislators who supported diff. bulling bill language. None responded.Jim Streisel
#mipa2012 has a list of states and their laws to prevent bullying.Jim Streisel
"If someone closes a door in your face find another door, if someone doesn’t want to listen find two more" #mipa2012nancy lash
Sen. Whitner talks about how the government is struggling to find a way to enforce cyber bullying laws. #mipa2012The Upstart
Eppling laws/policies are first step. Non bullying 95% has to overturn the 5% that bully #mipa2012 #dontbeazebraC.E. Sikkenga
To stop bullying, don’t just put posters on the wall. This is something to live. #mipa2012Jeremy Van Hof
EPLING..IF you are being cyberbullied, do not respond…save everything. #mipa2012C.E. Sikkenga

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