Mästhëäd: The Rolling Not Stone Interview

Mästhëäd will open up MIPA's Got Talent Variety Show, tonight, at 6:45 on Shaw Terrace Level

Mästhëäd will open up MIPA’s Got Talent Variety Show, tonight, at 6:45 on Shaw Terrace Level

By Ariana Taylor

Snails. They’re really small and slimy and in their whole lives, they don’t really go anywhere, so they’re pretty much just like Mästhëäd.

Mästhëäd is a rock band that plays once a year at MIPA. The members are Chad Sanders, Jim Streisel, Rod Satterthwaite, and Brian Wilson. Mostly performing covers of popular songs, Mästhëäd’s fan base is huge in Japan.

Mästhëäd formed back in the summer of 2007. The original band members voted on a name that they thought was a perfect blend of “heavy metal awesomeness and journalistic snobbishness”.

Here are some of the questions and answers of the Rolling not Stone interview with Mästhëäd.

“What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to Mästhëäd?”

Brian Wilson: Last year we sounded really good. It was nuts. My guess is it will never happen again.

“What’s the best part of being in Mästhëäd?”

Jim Streisel: The best part of being in Masthead is clearly the level of fame we have. I mean, on the one hand, it’s tough to go anywhere anonymously – so many people asking for signatures, photos, alimony checks, child support – but there’s also that cool part where you don’t have to pay for stuff like meals.

“Could one compare your band to One Direction and if so, who is the Harry Styles on the group?”

Chad Sanders: The only direction we are headed is straight to the top, baby! I do not know what a Harry Styles is.

BW: We’re more Jonas Brothers. Not sure who Harry Styles is, but Rod looks and acts just like Julia Stiles.

“What’s Mästhëäd’s next project?”

JS: We’ve been thinking of doing 14 tracks that are all different versions of “Wild Thing” – you know, one on guitar, another on kazoo, one we sing backwards, one where Rod doesn’t play so it sounds really good…that sort of thing.

“Has there been any conflict within the band?”

CS: I think Jim saw himself as the front man of the group, because he would always stand in front of me and play his guitar. But one time I pushed him off the front of the stage and he broke his clavicle. Now, he stands back to the left of me where he is supposed to.

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